8 Reasons for a Digital Nomad to Choose a Coliving Space

8. June 2021

Traveling while working is an exciting opportunity that would appeal to just about anyone. The mere thought of the thrill that comes with adventures makes my skin tingle and my heart race. However, we also have to plan and secure our stay while sticking to our budget – A coliving space might be the right choice for some travelers.  

One of the biggest dilemmas for digital nomads is finding a temporary base to live at while exploring and working. Choosing a coliving space is always an appealing option on the table. In this article, we will talk about the benefits of coliving, as well as some of the possible challenges you may face. 

What is a Coliving Space?

First things first – Coliving is a modern form of communal living focused on people that work remotely while traveling. This group of people is searching for the perfect combination of living in a community and having all the comfort you need to get work done. You will either have a private space or bedroom to retreat to or a shared room, depending on your tastes. Other than that, there will also be shared common areas. These communal spaces generally include kitchens, bathrooms, coworking areas, or living rooms. But the most important thing will always be a good and stable internet connection!

The Different Types of Coliving Spaces

Meanwhile, you can find colivings all over the world with all kinds of specializations. There are colivings focused on being rural, close to nature, as well as metropolitan colivings in the vibrant city centers. There are colivings with camper vans, colivings just for women, colivings for the low budget travelers in Asia well as high-class colivings in the Swiss Alps. From hosting only 8 people to host 40 people or more. From temporary pop-up colivings to colivings that are open all year round. All in all, we have to note that there is not the one definition for a coliving. It all depends on your preferences! And let‘s face it, isn’t that just amazing to have all these opportunities for any personal interests?

Reasons for a Digital Nomad to Choose a Coliving Space

Now that we have briefly introduced you to the concept of coliving spaces, let us get straight to the point. Here are the main benefits of embarking on a coliving experience:

1. Avoiding the loneliness of being a solo traveling nomad.

Leaving behind your family and friends all the time gets lonely. That’s why living in communal spaces can help you deal with that. Meeting new people with similar interests is always a big plus that other types of accommodations just don’t offer. 

2. Forming new, lifelong friendships.

While we are on the topic of meeting new people, coliving also opens the opportunity of forming new friendships. Not everyone is going to be your cup of tea, but you are likely to find someone you click with. Traveling friendships are special and can end up lasting a lifetime. 

3. Sharing skills and experiences.

Meeting people with similar interests does not mean boring and monotonous. Everyone will likely be working in different sectors and you will have the chance to exchange your experiences and skills. This will allow you to broaden your mind and possibly open new opportunities. Sometimes collaborations and even new job opportunities appear more easily. 

4. Getting the chance of an easy start.

Another great benefit of coliving spaces is that you are bound to run into someone that has been in the area much longer. This provides the perfect opportunity to take advantage of their knowledge and get an easy start in the foreign country you are staying in. They will show you around, tell you how taxi rides work and where you find the best coworking cafés. 

5. Possible events & activities.

Some coliving operators might host exciting events and activities. This will allow you to explore the country you are working in from a whole new perspective. It could be hikes, bike rides, weekend getaways to famous sightseeing points, or even a simple BBQ night. Even if the operator of the coliving is not offering these activities by themself, it is easier for you to organize these activities on your own as you are already in a group of people that might want to join.

6. The opportunity to connect with local residents.

Sometimes you will feel like it is not easy to get in touch with the real culture of the country you currently live in. Coliving operators can support you to connect more easily with locals. Having your connections with the right people will open a lot of doors for you. That’s why local coliving operators can be a blessing for your stay.

7. A perfect office setup.

As the operators understand the needs of their guests, they strive to provide high-quality and reliable coworking spaces and a reliable internet connection. You might experienced in Airbnbs or other tourist apartments that you struggle with having any proper space to work from. Coliving spaces are prepared for that. There are the ones that provide a coworking space within the apartment and some collaborate with coworking spaces in town. If you need a second screen or any other upgrade on your office set up coliving operators might easily help you out.

8. Flexible accommodations.

Time to forget about traditional leases. Traveling as a freelancer or digital nomad can be a pain when it comes to standard rentals. Not all landlords are going to be that flexible regarding your stay. With coliving spaces, you will not have to sign any 6-month or year contracts. You can simply rent on a month-to-month basis. This means the next time you get a sudden itch to venture on a new journey, you will not have to worry. You won’t be choosing between your deposit for violating your lease agreement and traveling. 

Possible Challenges to Consider When Booking a Coliving Space

Unfortunately, nothing in life is all sun and roses. There are always downsides to every good thing. However, being aware of the challenges you may face will also help you deal with them. As my grandma used to say, forewarned is forearmed. 

Less privacy

Although you may be lucky enough to have a single room, this will not always be the case. If you are not feeling too much like socializing, however, this can be a problem. A good solution to this issue would be to find a getaway you can retreat to when the world gets to be too much. 

The Pricing of a Coliving

When you think of sharing a house you also think of saving money by sharing the rent. This is not always the case in colivings. By comparing colivings around the world you will find out that some colivings are not cheaper than renting out your own apartment and some might be even more expensive. But why choosing to share space if you can have your studio for the same price? We hopefully gave you some answers to that with the 8 reasons listed above. But not only that, you also have a much bigger space when renting a coliving. There are often big communal areas, outdoor spaces, coworking spaces, and big kitchens included. Compared to a studio apartment the facilities are way better. In the end, you see the value in paying rent for a coliving, but most importantly, you need to have fun by sharing spaces and to enjoy living together in a community.

Thinking of Booking a Coliving Space?

Have your feet been itching for travels? We know the feeling. As we mentioned in the beginning there are all types of colivings around the world. We want to show you new destinations, besides the typical Bali and Mexico.

Remote Work meets Africa Adventures

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I only recently learned about the concept of coliving but absolutely fell in love with the idea. being able to work from anywhere is amazing, but finding a suitable place and not knowing for sure if you´ll have a stable internet connection can also be quite stressful… so this is definitely a great alternative.