The best Coliving Spaces in Africa

20. November 2023

Hey there, fellow wanderers!
Let's talk about something exciting – a place where the nomadic spirit thrives, where untamed landscapes meet vibrant cultures. Nope, it's not your typical digital nomad hotspot. We're diving into the heart of Africa, a continent still waiting to be discovered by nomads like you. So, why not trade the familiar paths for something a bit wilder and embark on an African adventure?

Namibia, Dune Big Daddy


Africa is more than just beaches and sunsets; it's a vast playground for those seeking unique experiences. Picture this: camping under starlit skies, watching elephants roam freely, and immersing yourself in diverse cultures. From the easygoing vibes of Cape Town to the wild spirit of Namibia and the laid-back Moroccan lifestyle in Taghazout, Africa is calling for transformative adventures.

Namibia, Giraffes in the desert

Neighbourgood Coliving, Cape Town

Imagine living in the heart of Cape Town, not just as a visitor but as part of a community. Neighbourgood Coliving does just that. With 14 houses scattered across South Africa, they offer everything from city living to serene escapes. It's not just a place to stay; it's a chance to belong, explore, and soak in the dynamic energy of Cape Town.

Minimum Stay: 1 Night - 3 months

Neighbourgood Hill, Cape Town, Green Point

Skippers, Kenya

Now, let's talk Kenya – not just about safaris but also a vibrant coliving space called Skippers. Nestled in Diani, a coastal town known for its adventure-rich atmosphere, Skippers is a hub for adventurers, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads. From kitesurfing to safaris, it's a place where work seamlessly blends with thrilling experiences.

Minimum Stay: Flexible for short term and long stays

Skippers, Kenya

Africa Nomads, Pop-up Retreats

Ever dreamt of slow and sustainable travel, embracing different cultures, and making connections? Africa Nomads is turning this dream into reality with their pop-up retreats. Currently hosted in Lamu Island, Kenya, these retreats offer more than just stunning beaches – they provide a chance for cross-cultural exchange and creating a nomadic family.


Minimum Stay: Not known

Africa Nomads, Pop-up retreats

SunDesk, Morocco

Welcome to Taghazout, Morocco, where SunDesk isn't just a coliving space; it's a community. Founded to offer a space for productivity and connection, SunDesk provides a haven for nomads. Taghazout's relaxed lifestyle, world-class surf spots, and a diverse mix of nomads make SunDesk a place to work, relax, and make new friends.


Minimum Stay: 10 days

Sundesk, Morrocco

WildWifi, Namibia

In the heart of Windhoek, Namibia, WildWifi Coliving isn't your typical retreat – it's a unique experience. Here, intentional living meets remote work, and the stunning landscapes of Namibia become your playground. With community meet-ups, weekend getaways, and safaris, WildWifi offers more than a coliving space; it's an opportunity to explore, connect to locals to escape the nomad bubble and transform over a minimum one-month stay.

Join WildWifi for a special New Year's Eve Road Trip to kick off their coliving month of January 2024.


Minimum Stay: 1 month

Upcoming Retreat: January - April 2024

WildWifi Safari Specials:

WildWifi, Namibia, Coliving House in Windhoek

- New Year's Eve Road Trip end of December 2023

- 13-day Nomad Safari end of April 2024

- Frequent 2-Nights Weekend Getaways each month

WildWifi, Nomad Safari Tour

What are you waiting for?

So, here's the scoop – Africa is calling, and these coliving spaces are your entry points to unforgettable adventures. It's not about promoting a destination; it's about sharing the joy of exploration, the beauty of diverse cultures, and the thrill of the unknown. Embrace the magic of Africa, let your nomadic spirit roam free, and make your next coliving destination an African one!