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Christine Bay

Founder of wildwifi

"My goal is to share my

passion for this

special and beautiful

country with everyone!"

I want to build a community of like-minded people - showing them around this unique country, teaching them about the culture, the landscapes and the wild animals. I want to share the breathtaking experience of sitting by a crackling campfire whilst listening to the roar of lions in the distance!

And in return? I want to learn from the WildWifi community - for us all to learn from one another.

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You could be a digital nomad who has been travelling around the world for years, or an entrepreneur with a permanent residence keen to escape your home office for a while.

For us, what‘s most important is that the participants, whether they‘re joining the coliving or the safari tour, share our values. WildWifi is about solidarity, appreciation, team spirit and camaraderie. Not only within our group, but also in relation to the country in which we are simply guests!

We value cultural exchange, sustainable travel, and respect for Namibian nature and people.

Who are these

like-minded people?

our values and

what WildWifi stands for

About our Coliving

Our african adventures

Optional safari adventures through Namibia exclusively designed for our coliving groups.

Annual cvoliving & coworking retreat in Windhoek, the Capital of Namibia.

Join a community of freelancers, remote workers, digital nomads, entrepreneurs and self-employed people.


Safari Tour


Meet the Team!


Local Tourguide

owner Coliving Accommodation

Coliving namibia tour guide Tuta about us
coliving and coworking namibia retreat team member Martin

Get in Touch!

Tuta is a wonderful soul who lives on-site during the coliving and leads our community as a local tour guide through the stunning wilderness of Namibia. Tuta will take care of your needs throughout your time in Namibia.

Martin owns the coliving accommodation and goes out of his way to guarantee our stay is comfortable, relaxing and fun. Trust us when we say that if you need something specific for your office set up in Namibia then Martin will help you out!



We aim for diversity in our coliving group!

Our goal is to put together a diverse group from all over the world. We want to unite different cultures and languages ​​and everyone in our group should feel the solidarity. For this we do our best to mix the group. It is important to us that English is spoken in the group so that nobody feels left out. That is why we want to make sure that the majority of the group does not only consist of just one particular language. It would happen, if unintentionally and not maliciously, that the majority of the group did not speak in English more often. We want to avoid people feeling left out of the conversation. This is exactly what our info calls are for, to see if we fit together and if we can create a healthy mixed group.