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elephants at the waterhole at etosha national park
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Camping &




10 - 14

Days Tour



Our experienced guides will become part of our family and lead us safely through the vastness of Namibia.

You have the chance to share driving the 4x4 rental cars with the group or you relax and just be a passenger.

Most of the nights during these Safari we'll be camping on campsites or camping in the wild. A few nights are at Lodges.

The exact dates depend on the individual tour we plan for you. Please make sure you are free of work during these dates

There will hardly be any internet connection on our trips. You will feel free and more connected to yourself and nature!

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Safari Tour

As soon as we have dates available for the safari tours, we’ll announce it to the pre-registered list. Hit reply and we’ll arrange a quick introductory call.

While you experience your coliving stay with us you have the option to book one of our safari tours. We are aiming to offer 4 - 5 tours per year.

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Previous Safari Tours

WildWifi Safari 2022

Last year, our coliving tribe embarked on a journey to the wild and remote Kaokoland, where we explored deep into the heart of Namibia, up to the border of Angola, to discover the incredible Himba nomad tribe.

Our days were filled with thrilling experiences, from camping in the wilderness under the starry skies to indulging in luxury lodges over Christmas and New Year's Eve. We walked with giraffes in the morning, drove alongside herds of wild desert-adapted elephants in the Hoanib River, and cooked delicious meals together around the campfire at night.

Amazed and delighted by the beauty of the landscape and wildlife, we bonded over our shared sense of adventure and the excitement of the wild!

Safari tour

What's included?

Experienced Tour Guide driving his own support car with camping equimpent

4x4 rental cars + Fuel (Toyota Hilux or similar). Cars driven by the participants (Driving is optional)

Accommodation (80% Camping & 20% Lodges)

Drinking Water & most of the meals like Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Camping equipment: fridge, chairs, table, cutlery, cooking pots, tents, mattresses, pillows, sleeping bags

Running Water, Electricity, Showers and Toilets at most of the camping nights

What's excluded?

Restaurant Visits



Personal Health Insurance

Soft Drinks & Alcoholic Drinks

Reckless driving Car damages