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We survey our members and the enooooormous list of people interested in joining WildWifi, so know a thing or two about what people like and don’t.

The big problems most of us find with coliving are:

  • Lack of cleanliness and messiness. It’s important to set ground rules and create environment that people respect.
  • Privacy and personal space. If private rooms aren’t an enjoyable space to spend time, we can offer struggle finding personal space. This is a big focus for us along with having plenty of small areas to hide away in.
  • Inconsiderate behavior. Sounds simple, but it’s not!
  • Cost. Some colivings are in super trendy locations and charge extortionate amounts to stay without much community or friendliness. WildWifi is in Namibia where the cost of living is lower (although some items have high import tax!) and we partner with local businesses to offer a great experience that is more affordable and also benefits the local economy.
  • Distractions and productivity. Have you ever tried working in a hostel!? It’s terrible. What you need is a coliving with a dedicated workspace and mindset geared to doing the best work of your life – not people running around backpacking in partying all day.
  • Limited availability of single rooms. A lot of digital nomads travel solo and like to enjoy a room to themselves. This is obviously beneficial but does come at a greater cost. Colivings are already made affordable due to the monthly rates, and single occupancy rooms provide less income than doubles. 

Adjusting to new people. Yeh, this can be tough. At WildWifi, our ambition is to have a good number and variety of people at the coliving but split into smaller clusters. This gives you the benefit of meeting lots of people but the connection of a tight-knit group. We also organise a Welcome Night Braai BBQ and many other social events.

WildWifi typical attracts remote working professionals, digital nomads, freelancers, contractors and entrepreneurs, so the average age is typical higher than some people imagine. The average age is 33 with the range being 26-45 years old.

Coliving offers digital nomads and remote workers a lot of perks:

Wallet-friendly: Shared living cuts costs, making lifestyle locations more accessible.

Connect & collaborate: Meet fellow professionals, expanding your network and making friends for life.

Amenities galore: High-speed internet, coworking spaces, and more cater to your needs. Pool included!

Flexibility: Short-term and long-term stays accommodate your nomadic lifestyle.

Tight-knit community: In a coliving, you’ll benefit from the support of a strong community, forging friendships and enjoy social events.Stress-free living: Focus on work and personal growth while we handle utilities, maintenance, and cleaning. All bills included, plus a cleaner, maintenance team and laundry service.

Coliving comes in all shapes and sizes! For digital nomads and remote workers, it’s a concept that involves becoming part of a community around a building that offers shared living spaces with private bedrooms. Coliving fosters a sense of community, facilitates networking, and provides amenities such as high-speed internet, coworking spaces, and social events, making it an ideal choice for location-independent professionals.


No specific vaccinations are mandatory for entering Namibia, but consulting your doctor is recommended.

Malaria is only present in the northern region. Windhoek and our weekend getaway locations are situated in malaria-free zones. If you do decide to travel further, you can easily get Malaria tablets in Windhoek during your stay.

Namibia is one of the safest – and cleanest – countries in Africa.

Like anywhere, you still need to take care of your valuables. We recommend not wearing valuable jewelry, and not leaving anything visible in the car. Besides these sensible guidelines, which apply for every big city, we know you’ll feel very comfortable on the streets of Windhoek.

For comparison, Namibia has just a ‘Level 1: Exercise Normal Precautions’ US travel advisory, lower than countries such as the UK or Germany which are ‘Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution’ due to terrorism threats. South Africa is also Level 2 due to crime and civil unrest, while Morocco is Level 2 due to the threat of terrorism.

Three key points that contribute to the safety in Namibia:

Low crime rates: Namibia is known for its lower crime rates compared to many neighboring countries, making it a safe destination for travelers and digital nomads.

Stable political climate: Namibia enjoys a stable democracy and government, which contributes to the overall safety and security within the country.

Well-developed tourism infrastructure: Namibia’s tourism industry offers well-maintained roads, accommodations, and national parks, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for visitors.

With all this in mind, our coliving property still has a perimeter wall, security gate and night watchman. Our coworking space has additional door security and private rooms have a lockbox – but please note, we cannot take responsibility for any of your belongings, you really must look after them yourselves.

For solo travelers seeking a shared experience, book right away!

We’ll pair you with a roommate in a twin room based on a brief survey you’ll complete to help ensure compatibility. Rooms are arranged by gender, with female and male travelers assigned to separate accommodations.

Yes – because WildWifi gets booked up far in advance, we introduced a deposit system so you can secure your spot but not have to pay the full amount until later.

The deposit is 20% of your total stay, with the balance required 2 months prior to your first month. Please note, we have to be very strict with this and will automatically cancel your booking if this is not met in order to allow someone on the waitlist to join. For cancellations, please take a look at our full policy here.

People from most countries can get a 3-month tourist visa on arrival at the airport. A 6-month Digital Nomad Visa is also available for Namibia, and is one of the most simple in the world to get. Get more information from NIPDB.

Absolutely! Our coliving welcomes individuals seeking a temporary change of scenery or work environment. Whether you have a permanent residence or simply crave new experiences, you’ll find a warm and inclusive community here.

Many of our community work full-time in their home country but like to work from abroad for 2 or 3 months each year for all the benefits it allows. Speak with your company and comfort them in knowing you’re visiting somewhere that really prioritizes work and personal growth.

The only requirement is that while you are here you are working and not on an extended holiday or backpacking trip! This is important for the culture and work productivity.