About Namibia

Namibia is one of the safest countries in Africa. Irrespective of this, please don’t be careless with your valuables as there are still incidences of pickpocketing, mugging or breaking into cars. Don’t wear valuable jewellery or leave anything visible in the car. These sensible small rules apply to every big city across the world so you should, feel very comfortable on the streets of Windhoek and can walk around safely. At night we recommend always walking with a buddy and to call a taxi such as ‘Lefa’ to bring you home safely.

Namibia is very extensive and it is not possible to see what it has to offer during a day trip. Therefore we recommend to book the self-drive weekend excursions of at least 3-4 days, or the longer christmas safari tour (14 days), after the december coliving ends. For day trips you could go for hikes on farms around Windhoek.

Windhoek offers the opportunity to visit cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs, but also fitness studios, museums, cinemas or shopping malls. Whether you enjoy karaoke evenings, bush drum courses, visiting the township, art exhibitions or handcraft markets – you will be able to keep yourself busy and entertained in Windhoek. If you want to go for a hike it is possible at several farms and lodges around Windhoek. You can go for a nice hike or drive with the mountain bike at “Farm Windhoek” or go for a hike and see giraffes and zebras close to you at the Lodge “Dan Viljoen”.

You can reach a shopping complex which is called Eros Shopping Center within a 5 minutes walk. It has a well equipped supermarket, a cute little bakery, a pharmacy, a gas station, a butchery, a small café with daily fresh lunch menu, a pizzeria called “Robertos” and several ATM machines. The popular Joe’s Beerhouse restaurant is also just around the corner of the Eros Shopping Center. You can also walk to the popular “Urban Camp” bar in 10 minutes to enjoy a cocktail by the pool.

Windhoek is full of street taxis. Those are the cars with random numbers written on it. You can simply stop taxis with a hand signal and point in the direction of where you want to go. If the taxi is heading in the same direction and there is space within the car then it will stop for you and ask your where you want to go. You share those taxis with other people the taxi driver pics up on the way. This sometimes means that you do not drive the shortest way to your destination since you drop off other people. One kilometer costs 13 NAD which is approximately 0,70 Euro. If you want to order a private taxi, a start-up called ‘Lefa’ is similar to Uber. During the pandemic, this has hygienic advantages and is recommendable when you want to order a taxi at night. One Uber ride starts at 50 NAD.

Namibians love meat! The meat in Namibia has a really good quality since animals like cows and antelopes roam on thousands of hectars of farm land. You can eat meat here without having a bad concious afterwards. What Namibians also love is to have BBQ’s! They BBQ almost every day. But they call it a Braai (Afrikaans). You can also try a lot of traditional food like the pap, stew, spinach and Mopane worms. If you are a foodie you will love Namibian cuisine. If you go to restaurants it is sometimes a bit rare to find a big variety of vegetarian meals since Namibians love their meat so much! But you will still be able to find some vegetarian dishes.

On a self-drive weekend trip you can choose to visit one of the highlights of Namibia and explore it for 3 – 4 days. Weekend excursions we recommend are a trip to the desert to visit Sossusvlei with its famous dead trees, or a weekend trip to the coast to visit Swakopmund and Walvis Bay, another weekend trip is to go to the Etosha National Park to watch animals like lions and elephants. Those are the main highlights of Namibia. Just keep in mind that Namibia is huge, you drive long distances to reach your destination! At least you need 3 days to explore one of the highlights, which inlcudes leaving on a friday morning. At best you are able to take that day off from work.

The airport is 30 – 40 minutes by car from Windhoek. We can help arrange a pre-booked taxi to collect you on arrival.

Windhoek has huge shopping malls with everything you need for clothes or groceries. In addition to the big shopping malls and groceries stores like Super Spar you will also find small local markets to buy fruits and vegetables. 

If you want to cover all the highlights of Namibia in one tour, we recommend at least 12- 14 days. If you have three weeks then we recommend combining the highlights including the Caprivi Strip and Victoria Falls.

The property is in the Eros district. Eros is a quiet part of the city which is reasonably centrally located. From Eros you can quickly reach the city center where there are popular bars and restaurants.

Before Departure

Each guest must take care of their visa requirements. In Namibia it is common to get a 90-day tourist visa upon arrival. Most tourists don’t need to apply for a visa in advance but please double check what is required for your nationality.

You’re welcome to join our private Slack group in which the community can exchange ideas and get to know one another. In this Slack community there will also be local Namibians who are happy to answer your questions and will keep you informed about local events.

Please bring a plug adapter for the coliving. In Namibia plugs are Type D or Type M. Adapters are available to buy in Windhoek. Please also bring along a multi-socket extension lead if you have multiple appliances. We recommend packing any material needed for skill-sharing or mastermind events. We can provide a projector and sound system.

WildWifi does not manage flight bookings, every participant must book their own flight. Please make sure that you book a flexible ticket in case of pandemic-related travel changes. The airport in Windhoek is called Husea Kutako International Airport, it is a short 30-minute taxi ride from Windhoek City Center.

Every participant is obliged to travel with valid international health insurance which should also cover the treatment of COVID 19. WildWifi does not cover any accident or health insurance.

Booking & Rooms

The self-drive weekend trips and the christmas safari tour are NOT included in the coliving price. Once the coliving experience begins we will finalise plans together for the self-drive weekends. We pre book the whole self-drive weekend getaway for you and brief you in detail on where to drive and what to expect. You just have to fill up the fridge and off you go with your 4×4 rental car. The Christmas safari tour is a special tour we plan to do at the end of the december coliving, this one you need to book upfront by the time you book the coliving room. The weekend getaways can be booked 1 – 2 weeks prior to the start of each weekend getaway.

Airport shuttle (we can share information on reserving the shuttle), food and drinks (accommodation is self-catering), weekend getaways and safari tours (these can be booked at our accommodation reception) and the coworking spaces in town.

Accommodation in our Windhoek coliving for the desired period (1-2 months), a coworking space within the property, towels and bedding, cleaning service 2x a week, a pool, free tea, 5 Liter free drinking water per day in the coworking space, toilet paper and laundry detergent.

You can only book with us monthly, except the December coliving, there is the option to book a three week stay due to the Christmas Safari we start from December 23rd.

This link leads you to the page to view each room: https://wildwifi.co/coliving-rooms/
This link leads you to the prices of the rooms per month: https://wildwifi.co/pricing/

You can choose whichever option suits you – you’re welcome to stay for the whole of November plus December or book one month and stay either November or December. But what I can tell you from the experience of our last coliving participants is that they regret not booking two months. If you only book one month, time will pass by so fast, you feel like it only started but then you have to leave already. It is way more relaxed to book two months, also since you are not forced to do a weekend getaway every weekend, you can also have weekends to chill in Windhoek in between. If yo only stay one month you easily get the FOMO and you feel the urge to jump from weekend getaway to weekend getaway.

As soon as you have decided which room and package that best suits you, please contact us via email at hello@wildwifi.co and we will send you an invoice and a payment link for the deposit. The payments can be easily done by credit card. The invoice is in Namibian Dollars.

By the time of the booking 20% deposit is due. 
8 weeks prior to the start of the coliving the final payment is due.

> 8 weeks before the start: Deposit is held as cancellation
4 – 8 week before the start:  33% of the price is held as cancellation
3 – 4 week before the start:  50% of the price is held as cancellation
0 – 3 week before the start:  100% of the price is held as cancellation

All cancellations need to be made by email to hello@wildwifi.co and confirmed by the WildWifi Team via email. We reserve the right, at any time and for any reason, to cancel the coliving on notice to the client. In such event, WildWifi shall refund the coliving price to the client.

COVID 19 cancellation policies

The customer will only receive a full refund including the deposit for the following reasons that are related to the COVID-19 pandemic:

1. If WildWifi Coliving is not allowed to take place because of COVID-19 restrictions in Namibia.
2. If the country Namibia closes its borders for the general public.
3. If WildWifi is forced to postpone the coliving event because of Force Majeur.
4. If the customer is not allowed to leave the country of his current stay because of COVID-19 restrictions. 

WildWifi can not be held liable and the customer will not be refunded if he cancel the booking in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic for the following reasons:

1. If the customer is unwilling to travel to Namibia although it is allowed to enter Namibia and to participate at the WildWifi Coliving. 
2. If the customer is in quarantine before, during or after the coliving.
3. If the customer is not able to join the coliving because of a COVID-19 infection.
4. If the country where the customer is located is in lockdown but booking flights out of the country is still possible.
5. If the customer can not enter Namibia because of a missing negative corona test or he did not manage to get a negative corona test before departure. 

People who plan to take a 4-week holiday to Namibia without working remotely whilst staying with us. The coliving will be a healthy mix of both work and fun – focusing on work during most days, but also enjoying the country and travelling during weekends or once the coliving concludes.

Our coliving is for all those who are able to work remotely -including the self-employed, digital nomads, entrepreneurs and freelancers. Those who take part in our colivings enjoy living and working as part of a community, to exchange skills and to get to know the country, the locals and it‘s culture.

The coliving is first come, first served. As such, a place can only be booked at the last minute if places are still available. In the event of short-term cancellations, we will contact the next person on the waiting list – refunds (minus deposit) will only be available if someone on the waitlist can take the place. We encourage waiting list reservations so please ask! A short-term booking for ad-hoc nights might be possible, we will only know if places are available much closer to the time – these nights are then charged pro rata.

Once the coliving is fully booked, further booking enquiries will be placed on a waiting list. In the event of a cancellation, we will contact the waiting list.

The rooms are assigned to the same gender. We will do our best to match you to a suitable roommate. If you want to swap roommates during the coliving, you are welcome to do that on agreement with the other party/parties. If you join our coliving with your bestie or your partner you will, of course, share one room.

You have the option to book a single room with an ensuite bathroom. This will cost 150 Euro extra and there is only one available – it is first come, first served. All other single rooms will share bathrooms.

It is possible to deduct the coliving & coworking from the tax as it is a business trip. However, how this can be implemented exactly, each participant has to ask his tax accountant.

Covid 19

Namibia is the second least populated country in the world. Outside of the few larger cities, it is therefore one of the best destinations for social distancing. We will be socialising as a group and you run a low risk of contact with other tourists during your travels. However, it is mandatory for every participant to do a rapid test before you head off to any self-drive weekend getaway or the christmas safari tour.

If some of our participants get COVID during our coliving we are able to seperate the group of positive people from the negative tested people. The coliving accommodation is a big complex of two houses which makes it easy for us to quarantine the positive tested people from the negative tested people. Still the negative tested people should quarantine themselves on their side of the house for a few days to be sure not to be infected by COVID. It is possible to request a doctor to come to the coliving space to test everyone with a rapid test or a PCR test. This way you do not have to leave the house to do any tests. The medication you need for your treatment will be delivered by the pharmacy. We will take care of your grocery orders while you are in quarantine. People who need to extend their stay because of quarantine have to pay those extra nights at the coliving.

Public events, church services, meetings, concerts, conferences with no more than 200 participants may take place in compliance with hygiene and distance regulations and advance registration. Shops, shopping centers, restaurants, hairdressers, laundries, fitness studios, cinemas, theaters etc. are allowed to open provided that hygiene and distance measures are observed. The sale and serving of alcohol is only permitted between certain times.

When entering Namibia, a certified PCR test (taken within 72 hours prior to arrival) must be presented. This also applies to travellers who have been vaccinated against COVID-19. Tourists and visitors must present a booked travel programme (Our coliving accommodation) and two health forms, which can be found on the Internet portal of the Namibian Tourism Association website (www.namibia-tourism.com/aktuelles/). Proof of travel health insurance that covers treatment costs in the event of a COVID-19 illness must also be submitted. Namibia does not impose any test obligation for outgoing tourists. Tourists are encouraged to consult their destination countries in this regard. It is mandatory to wear a mask in public. The local distance and hygiene rules must be observed.

Source: www.auswaertiges-amt.de/de/aussenpolitik/laender/namibia-node/namibiasicherheit/208314

There are two places to take a PCR test done before you leave, we recommend contacting them in advance to avoid delays in securing your test:

The Windhoek Central Hospital is one of the biggest hospitals in Windhoek and one of two state hospitals. It has a capacity of 855 beds. There are three recommended private hospitals, also with high standards: Lady Pohamba (134 beds), the Windhoek Medi Clinic (120 beds) & the Roman Catholic Hospital (87 beds).

The accommodation will provide hand sanitiser in all rooms and disinfectant spray for surfaces. All guests will be asked to disinfect your desks in the coworking area after use. The accommodation is cleaned and disinfected several times a week. It is important to observe the recommended hygiene measures and distances between one another during your stay.

During the Coliving

Two people will be available as your hosts during the coliving. This will be Christine Bay, digital nomad and founder of WildWifi and Tuta Nangolo, a local Namibian who manages our accommodation. Together, Christine and Tuta will take care of your needs and ensure you to experience an authentic Namibian adventure.

Our coworking space is one large room with desks and office chairs. Around the accommodation there are many alternative ways to work, such as the dining room, a covered outdoor area or desks inside your private bedrooms. If you feel like a change of scene, there is a coworking space, cafes and bars nearby where you can work.

Everyone provides their own food and drink. There are several kitchens available with refrigerators, every participant has their own section.

The Wifi is a 60 Mbps fiber connection. This extends throughout the property (in all rooms and into every corner of the coliving).

A bathroom is shared on average with your roommate and two other people.

WildWifi Program

At the beginning of our coliving, a voluntary mastermind group is founded. This group meets once a week to exchange ideas on a specific topic. This topic is determined at the beginning of the coliving and based on the interests of the group. In order for this mastermind group to be active, it is led by a facilitator.

During skill-sharing nights, each participant will have the opportunity to explain their knowledge on a specific topic to the group within a small workshop. Topics examples include: SEO basics, LinkedIn marketing, photography basics, crypto currencies or simply experiences from running your own business. This participation is voluntary, but our experience shows that most people enjoy learning something new from another.