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Can I also join for less than a month?

When do Early Bird prices end?



The Early Bird prices end 15th of June 2022. If you are sure that you want to join us book before these prices expire.

No, you have to stay minimum for one month - Either October, November or December. This experience is so extensive that we recommend to stay at least 2 months. All the past participants said that staying only one month is too packed to enjoy everything to the fullest. Especially December is a short month, better choose to stay longer than only December.

How many people share a bathroom if I book a shared double bedroom?


You and your roommate share a bathroom with maximum two more people from the neighboring bedroom. So one bathroom is used by maximum 4 people.

Why is December only 3 weeks?


Because we are heading off to our Christmas & New Years eve Safari with the coliving crew on December 23rd. You can get more info about the Christmas Safari here.

How many people share a bathroom if I book a single bedroom?


You share one bathroom with the single bedroom next door. So one bathroom is shared by maximum 2 people.

Is it recommended to stay longer than one month?


Our coliving retreat has so much to offer that we would recommend to stay at least two months. If you stay only one month you have FOMO and you join every weekend getaway to explore Namibia. But that narrows down your time in Windhoek. In the end you will feel rushed through the month. If you stay at least two months you can have a nice mix of one weekend in the city and the next weekend exploring the country again.

What means booking a shared double bedroom with ensuite bathroom?


You share your bedroom with your roommate and you two have your own bathroom within your room.

Who will I share a room with?


Are there photos of the rooms?


We will assign roommates to the best of our ability. Women together in one room and men together in one room. Of course couples can share a room or friends can share a room. During the coliving you are able to swap rooms if you would like and if every party is fine with that.

Have a look at the rooms page, here you can find photos of the coliving accommodation. Since we still restructure each room till the coliving starts we can not show you the final set up of each room but a general picture of how they look like.

Why are there different room prices?


The room prices are different to each other depending on the room size, the equipment of the rooms and the bathroom sizes.

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