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What do we offer?

We offer short weekend getaways or extended Safaris through Namibia for the participants of our WildWifi Coliving space in Windhoek. Both offers are optional excursions that can be booked on top of your Coliving experience. Check out these pages to get more info.


2-3 Nights weekend getaways

10-14 Nights Extended Safaris

Guided tour with the option to 4x4 self-drive

Self-Driving 4x4 AdventURE

Highlights of Namibia: Sossusvlei, Etosha or Swakopmund

A mix of Campsites, Wild Camping and luxury Lodges

80% camping, 20% Lodges




Weekend Getaways


Safari Tour

Love being close to nature and wildlife

Want a laptop and internet break
for 10-14 days

Enjoy a tour with a guide
+ you self-driving or as a passenger

Embrace camping lifestyle with a can-do attitude to making things happen

Can share a tent and lodge rooms with a coliving mate

Do not join if you...

Need internet reception throughout the tours

Aren’t comfortable with camping or willing to make the most of it - this is the primary focus of safari tours.

Aren’t a team player - packing the car, pitching tents, cooking...

Are very impatient - “there’s no hurry in Africa!”

Not willing to get stuck in with solving problems - changing tyres, digging your car out of sand etc

Need a hot shower every day!

Don’t like sharing a tent

Namibia Quick facts





Different languages

Different ethnic groups


Square kilometers

A self-drive weekend or safari tour is an unbelievable experience. If you want to build confidence, push your limits and experience unique views, wildlife and moments you would never otherwise see, these safari tours are for you.

They are incredibly bonding experiences. You will become more self-aware, connect closely with others from the coliving and have a new appreciation for the beauty of nature and our planet.

With long drives through incredible scenery, you’ll have a lot of time to think and chat with others. But there are a lot of variables in what can happen too!

Every experience is unique, and the vast majority of people find them life-changing experiences or, at the very least, providing a new perspective of what the journey of life is really about for them.

All tours are designed or led by people who are very experienced and passionate about Namibia and adventure in general:

Tine has completed over a dozen safaris in and around Namibia, as well as numerous weekend adventures. In Europe, she has a Land Rover Defender 110 camper, which has taken her to the most southern tip of Portugal and rock climbing over the Pyrenees.

Olli, our Safari Tour Guide and general adventure advisor, has been running tours in Namibia for 30 years. He would never call himself an ‘expert’ but is hugely experienced in taking groups into the depths of the wilderness to get up close to animals. With enough Land Cruisers, off-road minibuses and trailers for a small army, he is equipped to be self-sufficient in the wild.

I have driven from the UK to Mongolia, along the ancient Silk Road through deserts, mountains and the most baron land in the world. I’ve driven through dozens of border crossings and a bizarre dictatorship. I’ve been arrested by corrupt authorities more times than I can count and found myself in more than my fair share of backyard garages. With incredible stories, I’d do it all again.

I promise you, these safari tours are worth doing. Namibia is one of the most stunning, safe and enjoyable places for a true adventure!”

- Jonny

guided safari tour, 14 Days Tour

Weekend getaway, 2 days tour

weekend getaway, 3 Days Tour

Off-Road Tour, 2019

Erindi National Park, 2018

Sossusvlei Desert Tour, 2021



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