How do I get from A to B in Windhoek?

Windhoek is full of street taxis. Those are the cars with random numbers written on it. You can simply stop taxis with a hand signal and point in the direction of where you want to go. If the taxi is heading in the same direction and there is space within the car then it will stop for you and ask your where you want to go. You share those taxis with other people the taxi driver pics up on the way. This sometimes means that you do not drive the shortest way to your destination since you drop off other people. One kilometer costs 13 NAD which is approximately 0,70 Euro. If you want to order a private taxi, a start-up called ‘Lefa’ is similar to Uber. During the pandemic, this has hygienic advantages and is recommendable when you want to order a taxi at night. One Uber ride starts at 50 NAD.