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Below you‘ll find the best places to visit in Namibia and a summary of must-know information. Take a look at our blog for more details on where to stay in Namibia, packing lists, travel routes or simply being a digital nomad in Namibia.

Visit Namibia: Quick facts


Geographic Location

824,269 km2

South West Africa



English (official language), Afrikaans, German and indigenous languages

2.4 million (2018)


Left side


Namibian Dollar

1 Euro = 20,10 N$ (August 2023)


1,20 Euro


Not obligatory



3 Euro

Map of Namibia with towns, parks, streets, desert and ocean

The Map



One of the driest countries in the world

2000km desert along the coastline

Namib Desert - the oldest desert in the world

Second least populated country in the world

Fishriver Canyon - the second biggest canyon in the world

Safety while travelling

One of the saftest countries in Africa

Culture in Namibia

Don't leave valuables visible in your car

13 different ethnic groups

Keep your wallets and bags safe

Each culture has its own traditions & languages

50 % of inhabitants belong to the Ovambo tribe

Other tribes are Herero, Damara, Nama & Bushmen

Be cautious about pick-pocketing and vehicle theft

Some of the Himba tribe still live like Nomads with their painted, red skin

wildlife in Namibia

Home to the Big Five - Lion, Rhino, Elephant,

Leopard and Water Buffalo

History of Namibia

Home to the rare desert adapted elephants

Home to the largest number of cheetahs in the world

Best place for animal sights: Etosha National Park

The German colony was called South West Africa

1915 South Africa occupied the German colony

From 1966 - 1990 Namibia fought for its independence

Namibia became independent in 1990