Namib desert dunes in Namibia

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Shut down your laptop and go on an adventure! A 13-day safari tour is the perfect start or end to our coliving time in Namibia. Time to deepen newfound friendships around the campfire.

Live and work with

like-minded people for one, two, or three months in a community of remote workers, digital nomads, freelancers and entrepreneurs!

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ABout the coliving




In Namibia, Central Africa Time applies, which corresponds to Central European Time. Convenient for client calls across multiple time zones.

Enjoy a stable and fast Wifi connection (60 Mbps fibre) in every room.

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Our Coliving Accommodation

Picture your new Home in Namibia!

Equipped For the needs of us digital nomads

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Kind Words

lächelndes portrait einer Frau für ein testimonial
lächelndes Portrait eines Mannes in der Natur
Coliving Teilnehmerin lächelnd

Christian, 36, Germany

Juliane, 30, Germany

Kristina, 30, Austria

joined our Coliving

joined A Safari Tour

joined A safari tour

The coliving was well organised from the very beginning!

We were a great community from different professions who helped each other and shared their skills.

This is how I imagine a community!

I am super excited about the organization of this adventure. Traveling to a new continent in a foreign country was made very easy for me.

I would highly recommend Namibia as a travel destination! You can easily and safely travel through this country!

The first time I saw an elephant, I had to take a deep breath! I was so overwhelmed! I especially enjoyed the wildlife!

I mostly liked the nights when we set up our camp, had a BBQ and endless talks around the campfire.

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weekend getaway to the deadvlei in namibia

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more about Namibia?

We have summarised important facts about one of the most beautiful countries in Africa - and why it‘s a perfect work & travel destination.

About Namibia

Founder of WILDWIFI - Coliving & Coworking Namibia

I am a photographer and

graphic designer

I've been traveling to Namibia over 10 years! I return every year to enjoy the unique combination of accessible wilderness, adventures, culture and cosmopolitan living in the capital Windhoek.

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